Patent Search For Your Idea, Invention or Product



We will search official patent office databases for patents & published pending patents relating to your idea, product, invention or your provisional application. Our search includes all patents: utility & design patents of any status (active, expired, abandoned & published pending). 


We have searched intellectual property databases for over 10 years as a non-attorney patent searcher and patent researcher. We will lend our personal search techniques to you.


We have searched every single top 100 best seller item of more than 30 Amazon product categories.


This  includes a manual, multi-faceted patent search and our signed NDA (if requested). We will provide you with a listing of any patents or published pending patents that we have found, with answers to your questions, after order completion!


We will provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the protection and secrecy of your idea. 


Images or links to sites such as Amazon & Alibaba are acceptable.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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