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About Us

The Universal Systems Global Health Company is a United States based holistic wellness & lifestyle company, our mission is to positively impact lives, by supplying practical tools, services, and information capable of producing promising benefits.

The US Global Health Company, was founded in the United States as a means to develop and spread equal and affordable lifestyle solutions around the Globe. Our heartful intentions are to influence Health, Happiness, and Stability by increasing access to methodologies that promote well-being.

We promote a very diverse and unique catalogue, as we are dedicated to influencing conscious authenticity. We value our customer's and client's willingness to practice being the best version of who they are.

Here, we have something for everybody, whether you are looking to improve your diet, physical composition, image, physical routine, knowledge of mental state, financial efficacy, knowledge of business, and much more.

Please use this opportunity to your advantage and invest in your future. A small commitment could make a big difference. We truly believe in you and your value, as we do our company. There is significant value in growth and commitment. Commit to make a change today; we also encourage you to pick at least one friend or family member and guide them to be better, to improve, and add value to their life.

We offer a free piece of powerful information with every purchase,. We recommend reading and reviewing each document provided as it may encourage introspection that could lead to higher awareness, progression, or a substantial advancement of vital knowledge. You may select the topic of the available information you would like to receive by contacting us following your purchase.

Our methods of improving well being consist of various strategies structured to fullfil particular needs. Review our categories and find helpful tools and information.

It is our understanding that there are varying degrees of wealth and financial circumstances throughtout the world; therefore, We hope to make all of our products and services affordable so that everyone has the access, and ability to apply corrective lifestyle changes and improve lifestyle practices. 

Histoy has indicated a strong need for us to evolve and improve, with team work possibilities are endless, we would like to welcome you to join our mission and expand our vision of Global Health, Grow with us! Follow us on instagram @usglobalhealthstore.


Statistics show 97% of the population live an unhealthy lifestyle. The obesity rate has risen to nearly 43%. Recently the prevalence of severe obesity increased from 4.7% to 9.2%. 
95% of people report having the desire to feel healthier.  

According to The American Institute of Stress: About 33 percent of people report feeling extreme stress. 77 percent of people experience stress that affects their physical health.  

A correlation exists between the effects that internal feelings have on extraneous variables, and the effects that extraneous variables have on internal feelings.  

Each variable must be managed strategically to improve overall health.  

Our mission is to offer holistic resources and strategies that not only improve physical health, but also help to relinquish stress, increase performance, and improve quality of life.  

We do this by offering services & products which encourage excercise, financial proficiency, career advancement, strengthening relationships, nutrition, and accountability.  

In providing these opportunities our hope is to decrease stress, restore a higher sense of purpose, influence better finances, and establish the time and resources needed to develop and manage healthy relationships.