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Why This service is unique: We can understand the technical details of job experience and transform them into a beautiful resume that is concise and easily digestible for both non-technical and technical hiring managers. Our goal is to tell the story of you as a professional and your progress to highlight the value you bring to a role

Technical Resume/CV, Cover Letter


We currently offer three packages, Manager, Director, and Executive; send us a message and We'll work with you to determine which package is best for you.


Need a resume quick? Seek the Manager package! We've worked with clients in Technical Industries such as: Consulting, IT Services, Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace and many other technical industries.

Do you REALLY want a particular job? Seek the Director package! We’ll make sure your resume stands out from the rest of the pile and that it gets noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. You can count on us to make sure your personality & professional skills shine through.

Need a total professional revamp? Try the Executive package. We can work together to meet your professional expectations.


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