Accounting, Bookkeeping & Financial



Accounting, Bookkeeping & Financial Statements: Zero to Pro

3 courses in 1: From Bookkeeping to Financial Accounting & Financial Statements with a Bestselling Accounting instructor.


What you'll learn

Bookkeeping | Rules of recording transactions

Accounting | Accounting Concepts | Period end Adjustments

Financial Statements Preperation | Profit & Loss Statement | Balance Sheet

Depreciation | Depreciation methods | Accounting for Depreciation

Inventory | Inventory Valuation methods | Inventory Accounting


Why you should learn Accounting:

Every single business needs to record its income and expenses, not just for internal management and control, but also for external stakeholders like government, tax authorities, investors, lenders, and even suppliers and customers. Having a good command of numbers and the idea of how cash flows are recorded and presented makes you a better professional.


Who should take this course:

Accounting and Finance Students

Business Students

Aspiring Accountants



Business Owners


Startup founders


Course content

10 sections • 75 lectures • 7h 44m total length

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