Business Start-Up Strategies




Planning to become a successful online entrepreneur?




This 21-paged PDF checklist perfectly fits aspiring online businessman. This checklist is А MUST HAVE for those who wish to engage in their first digital business project. It's also excellent for intermediates and advanced entrepreneurs who need to get things done.




The Checklist is simple but still detailed and guides you to start your online business step by step. Links to detailed knowledge, resources and tools are embedded in the checklist.


  • Quick-start your online business,
  • Mark and save your progress,
  • Learn everything you need as you go,
  • Simple but comprehensive instructions,
  • More details one click away (follow links),
  • Printable,
  • Keeps you motivated.

Important notes:
1. Use Adobe Reader to open. (Other programs could not work)
2. The Checklist is designed for large screens, you can also use it on a mobile phone but you wood need to zoom in.
3. The checklist has embedded affiliate links (promotions) but you can skip them if you want.

Strategies To Successfully Starting A Business

Everything you need to know about starting a business.

What You thought you knew about starting a business.

What they don't want you to know about starting a business.

What they didn't tell you about starting a business.


Including but not Limited to:

  • How to start a business
  • Picking a specific line of business
  • Deciding what to sell
  • Choosing a target audience
  • Setting up Suppliers
  • Where to conduct business
  • Business structure
  • Plan for budgeting
  • Setting up accounts
  • Benefits of business
  • Selecting a name for your business
  • Registering your business
  • Separating business from personal
  • Advertising your business
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