As a startup financial Planning and Valuation consultant We will build an investor ready Financial Plan and a detailed Valuation Report to raise funding for seed, Angel, Series A, B and C rounds. based on 5 different valuation methods globally accepted by VENTURE CAPITALIST to value financial as well as non-financial aspects


Financial Projections and Valuation Report Includes:


  • Profit and Loss Projections 3 Years
  • Cash Flow Projections 3 Years
  • Assumptions and parameters
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Company Summary
  • Pre Money Valuation and Post Money Valuation using 5 different methods
  • Industry EBITDA and Valuation Comparison
  • Forecasts Summary
  • Current Ownership
  • Use of Funds
  • A lot more please see gig video
  • All information presented in high quality charts and graphs for investors


5 Different valuation methods to capture financial as well as non financial aspects:


  1. DCF with Multiples
  2. DCF with LTG
  3. Venture Capital
  4. Checklist
  5. Scorecard
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